Main Activities

Innovation and clinical studies on orthopedics and subspecialties

The research center of “nursing and midwifery cares” of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences by the cooperation of the favors of omnipotence and cooperation of the caregiver groups in health field aims to promote clinical and scientific knowledge and empowerment of university and non-university society in the field of research related to nursing and midwifery cares in addition to extend and guide dynamic, progressive, and novel basic research regarding the original quantitative and qualitative studies, review and combining methods related to various aspects of training and treatment-health cares, and provides the background for providing the best nursing-midwifery care services by producing science and combining it with the recent scientific achievements and clinical care experiences.

Other Activities

• Eval uati on, translati on, and valida ti on of sta ndardized pati ent-rep ort ed questi onnaires • Pati ent follow-up • Nuclear medicine depar tment, genetic lab, and collaborati on with st em cell depa rtment a nd conferences

In order to develop research and provide solutions for treatment health issues, and according to the Nursing and Midwifery Care Research Center Statute, which is entitled “Research Center” in this statute, the agreement was reached in principle for achieving the following objectives.


Development and application of humankind knowledge in regard with “Nursing and Midwifery cares”
Performing epidemiologic and clinical basic research in order to correct the country therapeutic health providing services system in order to responding the demands of the Islamic community
Gathering, making up, and classification of relevant documents, articles, and evidences, and publishing them
Training researcher human resources in regard with :Nursing and Midwifery cares”
Motivating, encouraging and application of the researchers
Attempt in attracting and cooperating related research and executing centers in the country
Scientific cooperation with training and research centers at other countries and international organizations through adhering rules and laws of the government of Islamic Republic of Iran

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Research Programers

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Educational Activities
Research/Scientific Achievenments
Research committees
The comprehensive nursing care committee

Comprehensive nursing care committee includes various plans of evidence-based research in the specialized care field in 5 nursing-specialized working groups.
In this committee, various members of the nursing team in various fields and specialties in various specialized sub-groups of nursing care were put together.
Committee of emergencies and intensive care

Medical Emergency Services and emergency/ intensive care wards were established as the centers to provide care for emergency and critical cases. These wards are the most parts of Medical Emergency Services and hospitals.
Patients, who refer to these units, are in acute physical status and need to be treated with high-quality therapeutic care as soon as possible.
These units are the recipient of critical patients from the other therapeutic centers, and besides are responsible for stabilizing the vital signs for the entrance to the hospital and intensive wards and operating room.
Since emergency wards and intensive care units admit a large number of patients daily, which they expect to provide timely and high-quality services.
Therefore, providing effective and well-timed services is possible under the efficient and effective performance of these units.
Midwifery cares committee in pregnancy and labor

The health of mothers and decline in mortality of mothers were among the important indices for the development of the countries.
Human basic rights including rights of health and life make the governments committed to perform all the attempts required to prevent preventable mortality in mothers and neonates.
Comprehensive midwifery cares, which is required to provide safety and health of mothers in pre-conception and post-conception, prenatal and postnatal periods
The program of mothers’ health with the aim of preserving and promoting mothers’ health and secure maternal in the format of decline in mortality and morbidity are also among the most important programs of health system in Iran.
Secure motherhood includes a set of novelties, protocols, and guidelines of providing services which are for the assurance of the receiving high quality services, family planning, pre and post conception cares, pre and post natal cares by mothers to achieve optimum health of mother, fetus and neonate during conception, labor, and post-labor.
Secure motherhood reduces mortality of mothers and neonates. Most of the mothers’ deaths occur in 24-48 hours after labor. Secure labor with emphasizing on propagation of secure and physiologic labor, decline in unnecessary cesareans and pleasuring vaginal labor is an effective step to improve mothers’ and neonates’ health.
Nowadays, high prevalence of cesarean section, fear of vaginal labor and fear of labor pain, as well as bleeding, high blood pressure and post-labor infection as the most common reasons of mother death need to perform evidence-based interventions resulted from research in regard with promoting health of mother and neonate.
Committee of fertility and sexual health

Reproductive health is known as the fundamental part of human’s health. Reproductive health is thorough physical, social, and mental wellbeing and is not only the lack of or inability to be fertile. Sexual health with a holistic approach considers reproductive performance and its systems at all the life’s stages.
According to the description by WHO, reproductive health enables women and men to achieve responsibility regarding sexual life away from any obligation to secure and satisfying sexual life.
Reproductive health points to precise and wide programming which provides reproductive preparations; therefore, reproductive heath care programs based on presenting information and training through consultation and providing high quality services for all ages and all life stages are designed.
The results of the research showed that programs of reproductive and sexual health promotion with performing several approaches including presenting comprehensive and avoiding sexual trainings through concentrating on youth and promoting communicative programs of youth with the parents showed the best results in reducing high-risk behaviors and prevalence of venereal diseases and unintended pregnancies.
Research Priorities
Evaluation of the effect of evidence-based cares on the quality of medical emergency services
Performing quantitative, qualitative and integrative research on designing and applying triage at the emergency unit
Palliative care of patients with chronic disorders especially cancers
General principals of care and prevention from mature death in cardiac patients
General principals of care and prevention from acute and chronic complications in patients hospitalized in intensive care units
Training and management in nursing cares
Family-based support and care in chronic diseases
Novel nursing cares in intensive care units
Promoting quality of life of pediatrics with chronic diseases and care of preterm neonate
Instrumentation and psychometric tools related to nursing cares
Applying nursing theories in care of patients
Strategic methods of home care
Self-care in high-risk women, before and during pregnancy and after labor
Midwifery cares in midwifery emergencies specially post-labor bleeding
Midwifery cares in high-risk pregnancies, by emphasizing on pregnancy with high blood pressure, diabetes, old ages, and chronic diseases
Promotion of quality of midwifery cares in pregnancy, labor, and post-natal period
Care training and consultations in novel treatments of infertility and its ethical and legal issues
Designation, performing, and follow-up of preventive cares in the field of promotion of the quality of fertility and sexual health
Training and consultation of sexual and fertility health in treatment-health centers
Training and consultation of sexual and fertility health in treatment-health centers
Applicable research in field of promoting cares of reproductive and sexual health of the patients with cancer, addicted individuals and those with specific diseases
Designation of the training-care guidance of sexual health for Muslim adolescents and youths
Designation of training-care guidance in the field of sexual and reproductive health with emphasis on reducing midwifery errors and reasonable prescription of herbal medication and products (by emphasizing intervention in clinic
Designation of training-care guidance in the field of sexual and reproductive health with emphasis on reducing midwifery errors and reasonable prescription of herbal medication and products (by emphasizing intervention in clinic
Need assessment and performing clinical studies infield of sexual health of the individuals with specific, chronic and communicable diseases (AIDS, Condylomata Acuminata, HTLV1, and …)
Self-care training for individuals with high-risk behaviors and addicted individuals in STD field
Prevention, screening, and care approaches in violence (domestic, hospital, sexual, and …)
National/International Certification
National / International Rating